Communications - Share the Responsibility

Jennifer Smith NO Comments

Effective communication is the responsibility of everyone regardless of your job description.  Agency communication teams are the 'go to experts,' but all programs and branches need to be engaged.  Without everyone's involvement, the communication messages will lack planning, consistency, efficiency and integration.

What would a rock band be without a drummer?  Or a lead guitarist?  A band needs all of the music components to perform and record tracks successfully.  Would you listen to Def Leppard without Rick Allen's talent?  Def Leppard just wouldn't be the same.

The same concept applies to an agency.  How would the NPS Division of Fire and Aviation work without the branch of wildland fire?  NPS Division of Fire and Aviation depends on all of the branches to communicate and work cohesively.  Sharing the communication responsibility will create a culture where communication is valued, and effective communication is seen as a priority, in practice as well as in principle.

Good communications are essential to the success of a program.  Good or bad communications can have a subtle, but serious impact on public confidence, staff morale and the reputation of the agency.  Everyone's participation in the communications effort will help achieve agency goals as well as its mission.


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