• Stockton Island, looking south.

    Apostle Islands

    National Lakeshore Wisconsin

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Essential Information for Camping

Camping opportunities on the Apostle Islands range from developed sites near docks to minimal impact wilderness camping. In addition, several public and private campgrounds are located in the area.

There are no developed National Park Service campgrounds accessible by road on the mainland unit of the National Lakeshore. However, there is one primitive site on the mainland, accessible to hikers and kayakers.

Camping permits are required for all camping in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. A nonrefundable administrative fee is charged for processing a permit. The permit system allows campers to reserve campsites in advance. Careful planning is essential for a successful and enjoyable visit to the islands.

Camping in the Apostles - Brochure, (pdf, 199kb)

Did You Know?


In his “Report on Apostle Islands National Park Project, January 20, 1931”, landscape architect Harlan Kelsey noted that “the hand of man has mercilessly destroyed the islands’ virgin beauty, and, therefore, a largely controlling element as outstanding national park material even if other reasons made them eligible…this project does not meet National Park Service standards.”