Camping Permits, Fees, and Reservations


Permits to reserve individual and group campsites can be arranged in advance, and should be obtained prior to departure for the islands. Each permit is good for up to 14 consecutive nights of camping. Camping permits are nontransferable. Campsites will be assigned when a reservation is made. Individual campsites, which accommodate one to seven people of any age, can be reserved beginning 30 days before the start of a trip. A fee of $15/site/night will be charged. A $10 reservation fee is also charged for each trip. Reservations are available on-line at The fees must be paid when the reservation is made.

A party of eight to twenty-one people is considered a group. All groups must use designated group campsites. The park accepts group camping permit reservations beginning in January for that year. A fee of $30/site/night will be charged along with a $10 reservation fee for each trip. The fees must be paid when the reservation is made.

To make reservations go to or for more information call (715) 779-3397, select option 1 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central time daily from Memorial Day through September or Monday through Friday from October to Memorial Day.

How to make a reservation using

1) Go to

2) On the upper-right corner, click Sign In or Sign Up to log in using your user profile or to create a new account.

3) Click on Find Places and Activities at the top of the screen.

4) In the Search area, enter Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and click the Search button.

5) The search will generate a list of places which includes Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Camping Permits, WI. Click on that title.

6) To check availability, go to the left-hand side of the page and under Looking For click on Select Permit Type and select Overnight Permit (Non-Commercial). This will add more options.

7) Under Entrance Type select the type of campsite you are looking for, such as : Group, Individual, or Primitive Zone Camping. If this is left blank, all campsites and zones will be listed.

8) Under Entrance you can select the specific campsite you are looking for, otherwise select Any Entrance. Leaving this section as Any Entrance will allow the search to show all sites available as long as the Entrance Type was left blank.

9) Under Start Date of Stay enter the date of the first night you want to camp.

10) Under Length of Stay enter the number of days you plan on camping, just the number only.

11) Click on the Search icon. This generates a two week list based on the search criteria that were entered from the previous screen along with a Legend at the bottom of the screen explaining what the letters mean for each site and day. There may not be room for all the campsites to appear on the same page. To see additional sites click on the Next tab at the bottom of the page.

12) To select a campsite on specific date(s), click on the A listed next to the campsite on the date(s) that you want. The square around the letter will turn gold to show that it has been selected.

13) When you have selected all the sites and dates for your trip, click on the Add to Itinerary icon at the bottom of the page.

14) After you verify all the dates for your camping trip, click on My Itinerary at the bottom of the page and select the Book tab.

15) Fill in the information requested on the Permit Order Details page. Several of the fields must be filled in before the permit can be processed. When you are finished, click on the Continue to Shopping Cart tab.

16) On the Shopping Cart page the dates and sites that you selected will be listed along with the fee totals. If the sites or dates are incorrect, click on the Change Details tab, otherwise click on the Checkout Shopping Cart tab.

17) On the Checkout Shopping Cart page you must fill out the payment information and click on the Acknowledgement icon.

18) When you have finished filling out the information on the Checkout Shopping Cart page, click on the Complete this Purchase tab.

19) You have completed the reservation process. A confirmation email will be sent to you.

20) The permit can be printed beginning seven days before the start of a trip. If the permit is not printed at least two days before a trip starts, you must pick up the permit at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore visitor center in Bayfield, WI.

21) Make sure to bring your permit with you while camping. Park staff may ask to see your permit.

Any permit not printed by 4:30 pm on the first day of its itinerary will be cancelled and the campsites released for use by other campers.

Here's what fee envelopes look like!

Click on the image for more on Camping Fees

Refunds and Itinerary Changes

A 50% refund of nightly camping fees may be issued for the cancellation of an entire trip if the cancellation is made at least seven days before the start of the trip. The $10 reservation fee is nonrefundable. No refunds will be issued after the start of a trip. No refunds will be issued for partial cancellations.

If itinerary changes are necessary once a camping trip is underway, please contact park staff by calling (715)779-3397 or in person whenever possible. Present your camping permit to park staff when making these itinerary changes. There is no charge for changes due to severe weather conditions or campsite closures. Campers choosing to make itinerary changes for other reasons within seven days of the start of a trip or during the trip will be charged a $15 fee each time they make a change to the itinerary. To increase the length of a trip, campers must reserve a new permit for the additional days. A $10 reservation fee will apply to the new reservation.

Campers planning to use the Apostle Islands Cruise Service Camper Shuttle to reach Oak Island or Stockton Island can obtain a full refund of their nightly camping fees (the $10 reservation fee is nonrefundable) if the shuttle is cancelled.

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