• Stockton Island, looking south.

    Apostle Islands

    National Lakeshore Wisconsin

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What will you find at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Island Statistics (PDF, 27kb)
How big are the islands, miles of shoreline, etc.

Mileage Chart (PDF, 48kb)
Distance between park locations (by boat)

Visitation (annual)

Visitor Study -2004 (PDF, 801kb)

Visitor Study Summary - 2004 (PDF, 34kb)

Did You Know?

Bear on Stockton Island

Black bear populations on the islands have their ups and downs. Between 2002 and 2010 the bear population on Stockton Island fell from 26 to 13. More bears were found on Oak Island (18) than on Stockton, and the numbers on Sand Island almost doubled from 6 to 10 individuals during that time.