• The village of Appomattox Court House from the west, the McLean House is on the right.

    Appomattox Court House

    National Historical Park Virginia

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  • Temporary McLean House Closure

    Beginning Sept. 3 the Parlor of the McLean House will only be visible through the window on the front porch while the floor cloth (covering) in the main hall is restored. The house will reopen Monday, Sept. 8. We are sorry for this inconvenience.


Birds of Appomattox Court House NHP

Common name

Scientific name


Order Anseriformes: Waterfowl

Wood duck

Aix sponsa

Order Apodiformes: Swifts and Hummingbirds

Chimney swift

Chaetura pelagica

Ruby-throated hummingbird

Archilochus colubris

Order Charadriiformes: Shorebirds


Charadrius vociferous

American woodcock

Scolopax minor

Order Ciconiiformes: Herons

Great blue heron

Ardea herodias

Green heron

Butorides virescens

Order Columbiformes: Doves

Mourning dove

Zenaida macroura

Order Cuculiformes: Cuckoos

Yellow-billed cuckoo

Coccyzus americanus

Order Falconiformes: Hawks, Falcons, and Vultures

Northern harrier

Circus cyaneus

Cooper's hawk

Accipiter cooperii

Red-shouldered hawk

Buteo lineatus

Red-tailed hawk

Buteo jamaicensis

Bald eagle

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Turkey vulture

Cathartes aura

Black vulture

Coragyps atratus

American kestrel

Falco sparverius

Order Galliformes: Upland Game Birds

Wild turkey

Meleagris gallopavo

Northern bobwhite

Colinus virginianus

Order Passeriformes, Family Bombycillidae: Waxwings

Cedar waxwing

Bombycilla cedrorum

Order Passeriformes, Family Certhiidae: Creepers

Brown creeper

Certhia americana

Order Passeriformes, Family Corvidae: Crows and Jays

Blue jay

Cyanocitta cristata

American crow

Corvus brachyrhynchos

Order Passeriformes, Family Fringillidae: Finches and Sparrows

Northern cardinal

Cardinalis cardinalis

Rose-breasted grosbeak

Pheucticus ludovicianus

Blue grosbeak

Guiraca caerulea

Indigo bunting

Passerina cyanea

Eastern towhee

Pipilo erythrophthalmus

Field sparrow

Spizella pusilla

Chipping sparrow

Spizella passerina

Grasshopper sparrow

Ammodramus savannarum

Savannah sparrow

Passerculus sandwichensis

White-throated sparrow

Zonotrichia albicollis

Song sparrow

Melospiza georgiana

Dark-eyed junco

Junco hyemalis

House finch

Carpodacus mexicanus

American goldfinch

Carduelis tristis

Order Passeriformes, Family Hirundinidae: Swallows

Northern rough-winged swallow

Stelgidopteryx serripennis

Barn swallow

Hirundo rustica

Order Passeriformes, Family Icteridae: Blackbirds

Eastern meadowlark

Strunella magna

Brown-headed cowbird

Molothrus ater

Red-winged blackbird

Agelaius phoeniceus

Common grackle

Quiscalus quiscula

Baltimore oriole

Icterus galbula

Orchard oriole

Icterus spurius

Order Passeriformes, Family Mimidae: Mimic Thrushes

Gray catbird

Dumetella carolinensis

Northern mockingbird

Mimus polyglottos

Brown thrasher

Toxostoma rufum

Order Passeriformes, Family Paridae: Titmice and Chickadees

Tufted titmouse

Baeolophus bicolor

Carolina chickadee

Poecile carolinensis

Order Passeriformes, Family Parulidae: Wood Warblers

Northern parula

Parula americana

Yellow warbler

Dendroica petechia

Chestnut-sided warbler

Dendroica pensylvanica

Cape May warbler

Dendroica tigrina

Black-throated blue warbler

Dendroica caerulescens

Yellow-rumped warbler

Dendroica coronate

Black-throated green warbler

Dendroica virens

Prairie warbler

Dendroica discolor

Pine warbler

Dendroica pinus

Yellow-throated warbler

Dendroica dominica

Worm-eating warbler

Helmitheros vermivorus

Black-and-white warbler

Mniotilta varia

American redstart

Setophaga ruticilla


Seiurus aurocapillus

Louisiana waterthrush

Seiurus motacilla

Kentucky warbler

Oporornis formosus

Common yellowthroat

Geothlypis trichas

Hooded warbler

Wilsonia citrina

Yellow-breasted chat

Icteria virens

Order Passeriformes, Family Sittidae: Nuthatches

White-breasted nuthatch

Sitta carolinensis

Order Passeriformes, Family Sturnidae: Starlings

European starling

Sturnus vulgaris

Order Passeriformes, Family Sylviidae: Kinglets

Golden-crowned kinglet

Regulus satrapa

Ruby-crowned kinglet

Regulus calendula

Blue-gray gnatcatcher

Polioptila caerulea

Order Passeriformes, Family Thraupidae: Tanagers

Summer tanager

Piranga rubra

Scarlet tanager

Piranga olivacea

Order Passeriformes, Family Troglodytidae: Wrens

Carolina wren

Thrythorus ludovicianus

Winter wren

Troglodytes troglodytes

Order Passeriformes, Family Turdidae: Thrushes

Eastern bluebird

Sialia sialis

American robin

Turdus migratorius

Wood thrush

Hylocichla mustelina

Hermit thrush

Catharus guttatus

Order Passeriformes, Family Tyrannidae: Flycatchers

Eastern wood-pewee

Contopus virens

Acadian flycatcher

Empidonax virescens

Great crested flycatcher

Myiarchus crinitus

Eastern kingbird

Tyrannus tyrannus

Eastern phoebe

Sayornis phoebe

Order Passeriformes, Family Vireonidae: Vireos

Red-eyed vireo

Vireo olivaceus

White-eyed vireo

Vireo griseus

Yellow-throated vireo

Vireo flavifrons

Order Piciformes: Woodpeckers

Red-bellied woodpecker

Melanerpes carolinus

Yellow-bellied sapsucker

Sphyrapicus varius

Downy woodpecker

Picoides pubescens

Hairy woodpecker

Picoides villosus

Pileated woodpecker

Dryocopus pileatus

Northern flicker

Colaptes auratus

Order Strigiformes: Owls

Great horned owl

Bubo virginianus

Barred owl

Strix varia

Eastern screech owl

Otus asio

Did You Know?

General Lee leaving the McLean House

As General Lee left the McLean House, according to History of the 198th Regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, “one of our bands, near by, through the generous impulse of the moment, struck up the appropriate air of Auld Lang Syne.” (Original instrument is exhibited at Appomattox Court House NHP.)