Event Details

  • Multiple Days: 10/13/2012, 10/14/2012

    Location: Antietam National Battlefield | Map Fee Information: $4.00 per person, $6.00 per family Contact Name: Visitor Center Contact Phone Number: 301-432-5124

Join the Pry House staff at the Antietam Visitor Center to learn more about the care of the wounded after the Battle of Antietam. On the field, living history volunteers will provide an opportunity to step back into the battle-torn landscape of Sharpsburg in the days after the battle of Antietam. Watch photographers and war correspondents document the aftermath. Talk with soldiers given the gruesome task of burying the dead. Visit field hospitals and aid stations and discover the daunting task of caring for thousands of wounded. Learn the stories of the U.S. Christian Commission as they care for soldiers, body and soul. Discover the massive toll the battle took on the landscape and the families who called this place home. Find out the fates of citizens returning to their farms and help rebuild fences. 


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