• Cannon and Cornfield at Dawn


    National Battlefield Maryland

Nonnative Species

Nonnative species, also known as exotics, are flora and fauna that intrude on an ecosystem, upsetting the delicate balance of life there. Once established, they have a tendency to dominate and destroy the native system that was originally in place. Some of the primary exotic species found at Antietam are Tree-of-Heaven, Multi-flora Rose and Japanese Honeysuckle. These species are presently threatening agricultural lands, reforestation areas and woodlots. Exotics compete for soil nutrients and habitat, disrupt view sheds and invade the habitat of rare and threatened native species. An effective approach that managers use is called Integrated Pest Management, or simply IPM. IPM utilizes biological, mechanical, cultural or chemical processes, either individually or in conjunction with one another, to control or eradicate plant and animal pests.

Did You Know?

Nelson Miles during the Civil War

Colonel Nelson Miles of the 64th New York Infantry was a volunteer officer at Antietam and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery at Chancellorsville. After the Civil War he remained in the Army and by the Spanish American War in 1898 he was the Commanding General of the U.S. Army.