• Cannon and Cornfield at Dawn


    National Battlefield Maryland


The largest forest and natural area located in the park is known as the Snavely Woods. This area is one of the best-developed native oak/hickory forests on limestone remaining in Washington County, Maryland. Because of the favorable species found within its canopy, along with the age diversity among the trees, the Snavely Woods are characterized by excellent forest structure. The upland slope is dominated by northern red oak, American beech, bitternut hickory, red maple and tulip poplar. The understory is well developed and includes flowering dogwood, spicebush and witchhazel. There is a diverse herbaceous layer that includes ephemeral spring wildflowers such as toadshade, bloodroot, yellow trout lily, dutchman's britches, toothwort, spring beauty, Virginia bluebells and hepatica. However, weedy exotic species are very common and form the major dominant ground layer in late summer. Numbers of natives may already be restricted by garlic mustard, Microstegium grass and Japanese honeysuckle infestation.

Did You Know?

Nelson Miles during the Civil War

Colonel Nelson Miles of the 64th New York Infantry was a volunteer officer at Antietam and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery at Chancellorsville. After the Civil War he remained in the Army and by the Spanish American War in 1898 he was the Commanding General of the U.S. Army.