• Cannon and Cornfield at Dawn


    National Battlefield Maryland

Mortuary Cannons and Other Monuments

Mortuary Cannons Confederate Generals Union Generals

Brig. Gen. George B. Anderson

Maj. Gen. Joseph K. F. Mansfield

Brig. Gen. Lawrence O'Brian Branch Maj. Gen. Israel B. Richardson

Brig. Gen. William E. Starke Brig. Gen. Isaac P. Rodman
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Other Monuments: Private Soldier "Old Simon" Monument in the National Cemetery

War Correspondents Memorial Arch located at Crampton's Gap

Did You Know?

15th Massachusetts Infantry Monument

The 15th Massachusetts Infantry went into the Battle of Antietam with 606 soldiers. 318 were killed or wounded, the highest number for any Union regiment in the battle. Their monument features a wounded lion carved in granite.