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    National Battlefield Maryland

36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Monument

Dedicated: 1903

Location: Branch Avenue on the south end of the Battlefield

Map Number: 74

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36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Monument

36th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Monument

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36th Infantry
Commanded by
Lieut. Col. Melvin Clarke (Killed)
Crook's (2d) Brigade
Kanawha Division
Ninth Army Corps
Army of the Potomac

This Regiment advanced near the Bridge over Antietam Creek on the morning of September 17, 1862, supporting Sturgis' Division. It participated in the charge by which the Bridge was captured. Lieut. Col. Melvin Clarke was killed near this spot.

Its loss was 1 officer and 1 man killed; 21 men wounded; 2 men missing. Total 25.

Did You Know?

Bodies on the battlefield

Alexander Gardner's photographs of Antietam were the first ever images to show dead soldiers on the field of battle. A New York Times article about the photographs said it was if the "dead had been laid at our doorsteps." More...