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    National Battlefield Maryland

3rd Indiana Cavalry Monument

Dedicated: 1910

Location: North side of State Route 34, just West of Antietam Creek

Map Number: 64

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3rd Indiana Cavalry Monument
3rd Indiana Cavalry Monument
NPS Photo

Monument Text: Companies A.B.C. D. E. & F.

3rd Indiana Cavalry, 2d Brigade

Cavalry Division, Lieut. Col. Jacob Buchanan,

Commanding. Supported Tidball's Battery

at this point from 12 M. until5 p.m.

September 17, 1862.

3rd Indiana Cavalry Monument Plaque
3rd Indiana Cavalry Monument Plaque
NPS Photo

Did You Know?

The Maryland State Monument at Antietam

The Maryland State Monument is the only monument at Antietam dedicated to both sides. Marylanders fought for both the Union and the Confederacy. 20,000 people attended the dedication on May 30, 1900. President William McKinley, a veteran of the Battle of Antietam, was the keynote speaker