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    National Battlefield Maryland

Curriculum Materials

We are pleased to provide you with teacher packets containing pre- and post-visit activities for your students. These packets will provide you with information about the Battle of Antietam and provide you with lessons and activities that supplement your study of the battle. Please feel free to utilize any of the material found in the packets to plan your visit or to enrich and reinforce the materials you present to your students in the classroom.

Teacher Packet for Kindergarten-4th Grade (pdf, 3.2 MB, 50 pages).

Teacher Packet for 5th-8th Grade (pdf, 1.9 MB, 77 pages).

Teacher Packet for 9th-12th Grade (pdf, 1.5 MB, 79 pages).

"Letters and Diaries of Soldiers and Civilians" packet a collection of primary sources for use in the classroom. (pdf, 204 KB, 13 pages).

Teacher-Led Tour Materials:

"Antietam: People and Places" self-guided driving tour guide (pdf, 8.2 MB, 25 pages).

"Contradictions and Divided Loyalties: Slavery on the Antietam Battleground." self-guided driving tour guide (pdf, 2.3 MB, 10 pages).

Map for Auto Tour (pdf, 130 KB, 1 page).

On-Site Teacher Led Activities:

Mumma/Roulette Farm Education Trail Guide. (pdf, 4.2 MB, 37 pages)

Mumma Cemetery Exploration Worksheet (pdf, 763 KB, 4 pages).

10 page "Interview a Monument" Worksheet and background materials (pdf, 330 KB).

You're the Gunner Math Activity (pdf, 167 KB, 2 pages).

Antietam National Cemetery teacher packet (pdf, 8 MB, 34 pages).Antietam National Cemetery student packet (pdf, 1.5 MB, 6 pages).

Here is a collection of "Scavenger Hunt" worksheets for students to complete when they visit the park:

Scavenger Hunt (pdf, 503 KB, 3 pages).

Scavenger Hunt for Maryland Students (pdf, 828 KB, 4 pages).

Scavenger Hunt for Ohio Students (pdf, 1.1 MB, 4 pages).

Scavenger Hunt for Pennsylvania Students (pdf, 891 KB, 4 pages).

Scavenger Hunt for Virginia Students (pdf, 773 kb, 4 pages).

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  • Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

    Fort McHenry as a Prison: A Soldier's Life

    Fort McHenry as a Prison: A Soldier's Life

    Soldier's writings will reveal the activities and living conditions at Fort McHenry during the Civil War.

Did You Know?

Robert Gould Shaw

Robert Gould Shaw served as a Captain in the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry and was wounded in the Cornfield at Antietam before taking command of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry made famous in the movie Glory.