Rangers to Classrooms

Invite a Park Ranger Into Your Classroom with National Park Service Education Programs

Throughout the entire year Park Rangers are available to visit your classroom or home school organization with interactive lessons that meet grade level standards of the Tennessee State Curriculum.

All of these programs are free of charge.

First Grade: Your Vote Counts!
Students vote in a class election to better understand the process of the American political system and identify their rights as a citizen. A park ranger will introduce the class to the contributions of American presidents while highlighting Greeneville's own, Andrew Johnson.

Second Grade: The Culture of Tennessee
This lesson offers students the chance to investigate Tennessee's cultural influences. From musical heritage to American presidents, Tennessee is a unique state with an illustrious history. Guided inquiry is incorporated into this lesson as students uncover artifacts to describe cultures.

Third Grade: Our Neighbor, the President
This program highlights presidential homes as a method for comparing the student's own home with homes of the past. Students generate a time-line of presidents to illustrate major events throughout history.

Fourth Grade: Barter and Trade
This lesson allows students to investigate the role of money and bartering in society. Students participate in a class game to barter for goods and examine the life of a notable figure in history and his tailoring business in Greeneville, Tennessee.

Fifth Grade: Traveling Trunk
Students examine the history of American Government through songs, puzzles and other interactive challenges in this educational trunk. This kit is available for free loan.

Sixth Grade: Mapping Culture
Map skills are used in this lesson which explores exciting cultural heritage sites preserved by the National Park Service. Students travel to a variety of destinations as they read their way through clues written on postcards and discover on their own why these places are preserved for future generations.

Seventh Grade: Treasured Land: Our National Parks
Students will examine the value that Americans place on National Park sites and will be challenged with the development of their own National Park while using a variety of maps and recognizing conflicts that arise in the protection of renewable and non-renewable resources.

Eighth Grade: Foundation and Function of our American Government
Students participate in the events of early American history. A contest to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of our Constitution in the past, present and future will bring history to life in the classroom.

Local group leaders or teachers who would like to sign up for these programs can contact Andrew Johnson National Historic Site at 423-639-3711


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