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  • Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

    Pinning Up the Past: Using Timelines

    Students will complete a scavenger hunt for information using primary sources gathered from two of the physical locations at Andrew Johnson National Historic Site. Information the students gather will be used to create an interactive timeline of events in Johnson’s life. This activity works best with an on-site visit to Andrew Johnson National Historic Site.

    Lesson Plans
    Grade level:
    Third Grade - Eighth Grade
    Civil War, Government, History, Leadership, Military and Wartime History, Reconstruction, Slavery, U.S. Presidents
    National/State Standards:
    Tennessee Social Studies Standards: 3.5.01, 3.5.03, 4.5.12 Era 4 Common Core State Standards: ELA Literacy:RI.3.5, RI.3.7 ELA Literacy SL3.1 - SL8.1 ELA Literacy SL3.4 - SL8-4