• Andrew Johnson with Sioux delegation at White House

    Andrew Johnson

    National Historic Site Tennessee

Be A Junior Ranger

junior ranger book
The Andrew Johnson NHS Junior Ranger booklet
An NPS Photo
Junior Ranger swearing in

Girl Scouts being sworn in as Junior Rangers

An NPS Photo

To complete the Junior Ranger booklet, you just need to finish the number of activities required for your age group in the booklet. While you are doing the booklet, you can also visit the different areas of the park - the Visitor Center/Museum, the Tailor Shop, the Early Home, the Homestead, and the Cemetery. When you are done, bring your booklet back to the Visitor Center so the attendant on duty can check your booklet and award you a Junior Ranger badge!

You can also become a web ranger, and visit the National Parks online. Visit www.nps.gov/webrangers.

Did You Know?

Reward Notice Ten Dollars

Andrew Johnson's father died when Andrew was three years old. Soon his mother apprenticed Andrew and his brother William to a tailor. The boys later ran away from their apprenticeship and had a $10.00 reward posted for their return.