• Aerial view of Aniakchak Caldera taken from northern rim


    National Monument & Preserve Alaska

Transportation & Guide Services

Many companies provide a variety of commercial visitor services including transportation, guided day trips, and guided multi-day trips. Commercial partners are authorized by permit to operate in the parks. A complete list of services is available at go.nps.gov/1i7ykf. The following types of services are included:

  • Air Taxi Services
  • Licensed Big Game Transporters
  • Bear Viewing Guides
  • Photography Guides
  • Backpacking Guides
  • Sportfishing Guides
  • Watercraft (Boat) Charters

Commercial operators must obtain a business permit from the National Park Service before providing services on any park lands or waters. This permit requires proof of liability insurance and ensures that operators provide park information (regulations, land status, and bear safety) to their clients; however, the permit does not review operator skills or business practices.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Ash from the May 1931 eruption of Aniakchak fell at a rate of a pound per hour at the Chignik villages, 65 miles to the south. The blast was heard 200 miles away and the ash sprinkled the ground nearly 700 miles from the source. The eruption left a caldera 250 deep and one-half mile wide.