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Join Our Friends

The Friends of Andersonville are an important partner of Andersonville National Historic Site and the National Park Service. They are a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation that helps support interpretation, education, and preservation issues at the historic prison site, the National Cemetery, and the National POW Museum. The Friends are a unique source of financial assistance for the park as the Friends' Trustees administer the Andersonville Trust, an endowment that serves annual grants to the park.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Andersonville Trust can do so. Please mail your tax deductible gift, made payable to Andersonville Trust, to:

Friends of Andersonville
Attention: Andersonville Trust
P.O. Box 186
Andersonville, GA 31711

For more information about the Friends of Andersonville, please contact them at the address above or you can visit their web site: friendsofandersonville.org .

Did You Know?

Drawing of a barbershop inside the Andersonville prison

Inside the Andersonville prison was a vibrant free market economy. Prisoner George Fechtner recounted that, “there were a number of barber shops there where men could get shaved, their hair cut and whiskers dyed, and some of them carried on the doctoring business. They would buy their dyeing articles to work with, their soap and other things, from new arrivals.” Other prisoners operated stores, sold firewood, and repaired clothes and shoes.