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Park Day

Boy scouts work to assemble canvas shelters

Boy scouts work on repairing a replica shelter.

NPS/Andersonville NHS

Join us for the next Park Day on Saturday, April 12, 2014!

Each year the Civil War Trust sponsors Park Day on the first Saturday of April. This event joins parks and volunteers nationwide for a day dedicated to preserving America's Civil War sites.

Volunteers and park employees will work on rebuilding a replica prisoner shelter in the northeast corner of the prison site.

For information on volunteering for Park Day, contact the park at 229 924-0343.

Did You Know?

Detail of headstone showing inscription

Two unknown Union soldiers are buried in Grave 13,718. These prisoner deaths were discovered in 1899 when heavy rains exposed their remains within the prison site. It is thought that they died as a result of suffocation from a cave-in or a shelter or well.