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Echotaps at Andersonville NHS

Bugler blowing taps below a bronze and stone monument

Bugler blowing taps at the Illinois Monument

NPS/Andersonville NHS

On Armed Forces Day, the third Saturday of May, the solemn tune Taps will be sounded at every National Cemetery and U.S. Veterans Cemeteries worldwide at 11:00 a.m. This tribute to veterans is called Echotaps.

The public is encouraged to be at Andersonville National Historic Site to witness this unique tribute. The National Park Service maintains fourteen National Cemeteries nationwide. Two of these, Andersonville National Historic Site and Andrew Johnson National Historic Site are classified as active, continuing to bury veterans and their dependents. All National Cemeteries within the National Park Service will serve as host sites for this commemorative event.

In 2013 EchoTaps will occur in the National Cemetery on Saturday, May 18.


Event poster [PDF file]

Did You Know?

Headstone of Jacob Swarner in National Cemetery.  His brother, Adam, was the first prisoner to die at Andersonville

Adam Swarner, a young Cavalryman from New York State was the first prisoner to die at Andersonville. Five months later, his brother Jacob was buried in grave number 4,005 of the National Cemetery.