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Candle luminaries illuminate a night setting
2008 Luminary event at the prison site.
NPS/Fred Sanchez

Andersonville National Historic Site preserves the historic landscape of Camp Sumter Military Prison and is home to Andersonville National Cemetery and the National Prisoner of War Museum.

These photo galleries document the landscape and facilities of the park, as well as special events. Additionally, historic images of the site are available as well. Each of these photos is available to download for public use, and credit information is given for each image.


Did You Know?

1866 drawing of prisoner shelters

It rained 22 days during the month of June 1864 at Andersonville. Prisoner Warren Goss remembered, "it was miserably wet, dirty, and disagreeable with unpleasant odors. Neither could one get accustomed to, or be able to blunt the senses to, the existence of so much misery."