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Falling snow coats a Civil War monument.

A rare snowfall coats the New Jersey Monument in the national cemetery.

NPS/Andersonville NHS

Visitors to Andersonville National Historic Site take home a wealth of memories in the many photographs and images taken of the park and national cemetery. The park not only commemorates the prisoner of war experience; it also offers a natural and cultural setting whose beauty and simplicity provide a direct contrast to the suffering which occured at the site during the Civil War.

The National Park Service is pleased to offer images, most taken by park staff and volunteers in recent years, in our photo gallery.

Audio and video files relating to the park can be found in our Multimedia Presentations page.

Did You Know?

Plaque at entrance to National Prisoner of War Museum

On April 9, 1942 on the Bataan peninsula in the Philippines, 10,000 American soldiers became prisoners of the Japanese. Exactly 56 years later the National Prisoner of War Museum was dedicated. Many former POWs and their families attended, including survivors of the Bataan Death March.