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Visitors listen to a volunteer leading a tour.
Visitors participate in a volunteer-led tour of the prison site.
NPS/E. Leonard

Andersonville National Historic Site keeps the public informed about events which occur within the park by providing press releases to local and regional news providers, and by posting current news releases on this web site. An archive of older news is also available.

If you are a member of the media, please contact the Public Information Officer for additional information about Andersonville.

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Did You Know?

Historic drawing of a steamboat explosion

The Sultana was a steamboat on the Mississippi River that sunk on April 27, 1865, after its steam boiler exploded. Of the 2,400 passengers on board, an estimated 1,600 were killed. A majority of the passengers, a little over 2,000, were Union soldiers many of whom had survived Andersonville prison and were returning home. Most of these men had survived the horrors of Andersonville only to be lost in what became the greatest maritime disaster in the history of the United States.