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Our Partners

A group of people cut a ribbon
Collaborative partnerships with former prisoners of war, such as the "Victory From Within" traveling exhibit, have assisted Andersonville in better telling the prisoner of war story.
NPS/C. Barr

In recent years, partnerships have become a way to get things done both within and beyond park boundaries. Partnerships foster a shared sense of stewardship. Partners develop appreciation for the park's values and resources, and a commitment to our mission.

Recent partners of Andersonville National Historic Site include the American Ex-Prisoners of War, Friends of Andersonville, Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, River Valley Regional Commission, Sumter Cycling, and the National Park Foundation.

Did You Know?

Canvas, rubber, and wooden shelters

Shebang was a name given by the prisoners at Andersonville to the crude shelters that they constructed, many of wood and scraps of cloth. Lucky men might have a shelter-half or an extra blanket. Not so lucky ones would use an old shirt to provide relief from the hot summer sun. More...