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Books, Documents, References


Historic Resource Study - 1970 [14.5 MB PDF]
This invaluable study by Edwin Bearrs charts the history and development of Camp Sumter with an emphasis on building locations and relationships. Includes a base map.

Andersonville; the story of a Civil War prison camp - 1972 [6.02 MB PDF]
This 20 page introductory handbook by Raymond Baker is based on the 1970 resource study.

National Prisoner of War Museum Dedication Program - April 1998 [9.42 MB PDF]
Program from the 1998 dedication of the National Prisoner of War Museum. Contains detailed background information on the development of the museum.

Kelly, Dennis. A History of Camp Douglas Illinois, Union Prison, 1861-1865. Southeast Region National Park Service, 1989.

Andersonville Prison Park and National Cemetery Brochure - Mid-1960s [808 kb PDF]

Did You Know?

Drawing of the north gate to the Andersonville Prison

The North and South Gates were the only entrances into the Andersonville prison, with the North gate being the primary one. Incoming prisoners were marched about a quarter of a mile to the North gate at the prison.