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Memorial Plaques at Andersonville NHS

Since the late 1980s, continued memorialization and remembrance at Andersonville has taken the form of bronze tablets. The tablets can be found in the memorial courtyard behind the museum and along the commemorative walkway north of the museum. These plaques are dedicated to the larger themes of the park, and commemorate the sacrifices of American servicemen and woman held as prisoners of war in conflicts throughout our history.


Museum Courtyard

  • The Battling Bastards of Bataan
  • Hiroshima POWs
  • Vermonters
  • American Ex-Prisoners of War
  • 27th Bombardment Group US Army Air Corps
  • OFLAG64 and 64Z

Commemorative Walkway

  • Prisoners of War in Korea
  • 106th Infantry Division
  • USS Pueblo
  • American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor
  • Armored Division Association Mystery Division
  • 8th Air Force
  • Tiger Survivors
  • Vietnam POWs
  • 42nd Rainbow Division
  • Women POWs


Did You Know?

Exhibit of a Hanoi Hilton cell

A cell from the Hanoi Hilton has been reconstructed in the National Prisoner of War Museum. Notable prisoners held at the Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War include US Vice Presidential candidate James Stockdale, Senator and Presidential nominee John McCain, and Brigadier General Robinson Risner.