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Leave No Trace

Enjoying the park.

Parks depend on the people who use them.

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You can make the park more enjoyable by reducing trash you bring and taking trash home to throw out and recycle. Did you know reducing the amount of trash left in trash cans in the park reduces the number of stinging and biting insects? Leftover paper and wrappers from food don't just trap animals in the water, and look bad, they attract pests like ants and rats.

Some ways to reduce are to use reusable containers, or edible containers like pita pockets. Bring whole fruit or veggie sticks in a container instead of small sized bagged snacks. Bring a large container of water and reusable cups instead of small bottles. To suggest more ideas for trash free picnics you have used write Kate Bucco at the Anacostia Park Trash Reduction and Stewardship Plan at 1900 Anacostia Dr. SE, Washington, DC 20020.

Check back here for more suggestions as they come in.

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