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    Park District of Columbia

Things To Know Before You Come

Anacostia Park was built along the Anacostia River. It is open land with no fences between the public and water. There is a historic retaining wall that borders the river in places. Children should be supervised at all times.

Dogs are allowed if kept leashed.

Fishing is regulated by DC Department of Environmental Health. It is the responsibility of the person fishing to know and follow regulations. You can get information from the Department of Environmental Health Monday through Friday except holidays.

Open fires, dumping hot coals, and other acts that damage vegetation, structures, or endanger others are not permitted in any part of the park. If you bring a grill for those areas where grilling is allowed, come with a fire proof container to take hot coals home with you.

To protect marine wildlife, no helium filled balloons are allowed in the park. Plastic and drifting latex and mylar balloons are entering the food chain through marine life which confuses them with natural foods. Washington DC is part of the Chesapeake Bay and ocean watershed, so reduce or pack out plastics.

There is a public boat launch at the park, and a marina.

Did You Know?