Ranger Fit Challenge

Healthy Parks, Healthy People U.S

Enjoy scenic river views and evening sunsets while walking, jogging, or performing calisthenics with the staff from Anacostia Park. The park is a Healthy Parks for Healthy People site and the staff encourages visitors to get outside and experience the park while being active and physically fit. Join a Park Ranger as they lead exercises and activities for all fitness levels from jump ropes and step-ups, all the way to agility ladders and toning. Starting April 11th, join them every Thursday from 6pm – 7pm, at the skating pavilion.

Please NOTE, as temperatures drop and the clocks turn back 1 hour in November, we will hold the Ranger Fit Challenge at Fort Dupont activity center. Fort Dupont Park activity center is just off Minnesota Ave S.E. If coming by car, use 3600 F st S.E Washington DC 20019 as a reference.

For more information, please call (202) 472-3884.

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