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    Park District of Columbia


bird and fall color
Anacostia Park provides a good chance to see many kinds of birds.

A combination of "brushy" riparian buffers, open fields, small wetlands, and wooded river edge give a variety of hunting and living spaces for osprey, bald eagles, song birds, and of course waterfowl. Don't forget to keep your eye out for deer at the edge of woods, and river otter in the Anacostia River itself. A list of sightings can be downloaded by clicking here.

To see wildlife, it is best to come at dawn and dusk, and stay in one area quietly making your observations. You may find turtles mimicking rocks on the banks of the rivers, or a fox looking for a snack or dinner.

For your safety and theirs, never approach wildlife or allow them to approach you.

Did You Know?

brown cattails against a clear blue fall sky

Cattails may be among the most useful plants in North America. Almost all parts of the plant were eaten providing year round food. The brown fuzzy part has shown antibacterial properties. The leaves can be made into many household goods including shingles for the house. More...