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Tournament Information

Amistad NRA hosts a number of organized fishing tournaments throughout the year. They vary from small, local clubs to national and international competitions.

To view a listing of tournaments scheduled you will need to click on the link below for a printable list of sheduled turnaments. For more information about shedualing of turnaments please refer to the Fishing Tournaments Plociy page.

2010 Tournament Schedule

2011 Tournament Schedule

2012 Tournament Schedule

2013 Tournament Schedule

2014 Tournament Schedule

Please Note: All tournament schedules are subject to change.



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Did You Know?

American and Mexican bronze eagles monument ontop the Amistad Dam.

Lake Amistad is a binational reservoir shared by the U.S. and Mexico. The international boundary is marked with buoys up the middle of the Rio Grande channel. The word Amistad is Spanish for the "friendship" between the two countries.