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Why is the National Park Service renting boat slips?
The National Park Service will be taking over the management of the marina boat slip and mooring buoy rental operation at Diablo East Marina and Rough Canyon Marina beginning February 1, 2014.

Boat Slips and Mooring Buoys
Boat slips at Diablo East Marina and Rough Canyon Marina, and mooring buoys at Rough Canyon Marina will be available for rent year-round on a first-come, first-served basis.

The rentals will be formalized with a Special Use Permit issued by the National Park Service to the boat owner for six-month or one-year blocks of time following the October 1 to September 30 fiscal year.


How do you rent a boat slip?
1. The first step is to contact the National Park Service Marina Manager, Raul Barrera, at 830-774-4157 to determine if there are any boat slips available for rent.

2. If a boat slip is available, you will be given an application for a Special Use Permit Microsoft Word (137 KB)

3. Once you have completed your "Special Use Permit" application, submit it to Marina Manager Barrera for review. You can mail it to him by sending it to:

Amistad National Recreation Area
4121 Veterans Blvd
Del Rio, TX 78840
Attn: Boat Slip Rental Permit

4. You will be notified if your application has been approved and a boat slip is available for you to rent.

5. You will then need to sign your Special Use Permit, and show proof of insurance for your boat. Your boat will need to display valid state registration numbers, a valid state registration decal, and a current National Park Service Annual Lake Use Permit.

6. You will be able to make your boat slip rental payments through the www.pay.gov website. Payments can also be made at the National Park Service Visitor Information Center.

7. The same steps apply if you are renting a mooring buoy instead of a boat slip.


Boat Slips
Diablo East Marina: $5/foot slip length

  • 26 slips with length 28 feet - $100/month
  • 4 slips with length 30 feet - $150/month
  • 4 slips with length 32 feet - $200/month
  • 8 slips with length 50 feet - $250/month

Rough Canyon Marina: $5/foot slip length

  • 20 slips with length 32 feet - $160/month
Mooring Buoys

Rough Canyon Marina: $75/month

  • 15 Mooring Buoys - $75/month
Marina Site Bulletin
For more information about the Marina; please download and view the Marina Site Bulletin PDF (360 KB).

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Diablo East Marina
Diablo East Marina has 42 boat slips. Diablo East Marina is located off of U.S. 90 West.

Rough Canyon Marina Image

Rough Canyon Marina
Rough Canyon Marina has 20 boat slips and 15 mooring buoys. Rough Canyon Marina is located on Recreational Road 2 off U.S. 277 North.


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