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Nature and Science

One of the many colorful species of birds located at Amistad is the Painted Bunting

(John Labadie, Artist in Residence)

Amistad National Recreation Area has documented over 200 different species of birds, both native and migratory. The Natural Resources Division has been participating in yearly banding projects spanning five years in order to document bird species, breeding patterns, and migration routes. The information obtained by these banding sessions allows the park staff to monitor birds and offer insight to the average birder. Educational opportunities for birders are provided with Bird Walks among the riparian zones. Many different species utilize the resources at Amistad Lake during migration and breeding seasons, which makes this program interesting to young and old alike. Interior Least Terns use Amistad Lake as a breeding ground during late spring. The Interior Least Tern has been listed on the Endangered and Threatened list for several years. The Natural Resources Division monitors the Least Terns to help ensure that the species has a future.

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Did You Know?

American and Mexican Eagles Monument on top Amistad Dam

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