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Archeology Fair Atlatl Activity

Archeology Fair Atlatl Activity

Bill Sontag

Education Programs

Teachers: These standards-based education programs are available for your needs. Reservations are required.

Field Trips

5th Grade Lessons on the Lake Houseboat Trip--Amistad National Recreation Area--orientation to Amistad NRA and classes on local geology and adaptations of desert plants and animals

Teachers: Click on the the following Adaptations lesson plan and print a copy. Pre-field trip activities are available to do with your students. Please make copies of page 5 (answer sheets) for students when coming on the Lessons on the Lake field trip. Post-field trip activities are also available in the packet.

Adaptations Lesson Plan

Dino Days--Whitehead Museum Del Rio, TX--learn about dinosaurs of the Texas area through many discovery activities

Archeology Fair--Whitehead Museum Del Rio, TX--learn about local history, traditions, historical and ancient lifeways through demonstrations, living history, and discovery activities

In-Classroom Programs

3rd Grade

A Fan and a Glass of Cold Water--desert adaptations of plants and animals

Monarch Magic--natural history, migration and life cycle of the monarch butterfly

4th Grade

Birds, Birds, Birds--natural history of birds and learning to identify birds using field guides and binoculars

Lower Pecos Lifeways--everyday survival and lifeways of the Prehistoric People of the Pecos--replica artifacts will be examined as part of the lesson

5th Grade

Crack, Crumble and Carry--activities and powerpoint program highlight weathering, erosion and deposition

Chihuahuan Desert Community--interrelationships that exist in our part of the Chihuahuan Desert

Contact Education Specialist Lisa Evans at (830)775-7491 x223 for more information and to make reservations for field trips and in-classroom programs.

For Lessons on the Lake and Archeology Fair, reservations must be made at the beginning of the school year. For the in-classroom programs, 30 days advance notice is needed.

Did You Know?

Panther Cave at Amistad National Recreation Area

Panther Cave and Parida Cave contain spectacular examples of prehistoric Native American rock art. They are only accessible by boat when the lake levels permit. More...