Lesson Plan

Working the Portage

Rangers and students hew a log
Rangers and students hew a log
National Park Service
Agriculture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Biology: Plants, Business, Career Studies, Commerce and Industry, Community, Earth Science, Ecology, Economics, Engineering, Historic Preservation, History, Immigration, Labor History
Each station is 15-20 minutes in length
Group Size:
Up to 24
National/State Standards:
National Standard 2
National Standard 4
Pennsylvania Standard 7.3
Pennsylvania Standard 7.3.6
Pennsylvania Standard 9.1
Pennsylvania Standard 3.6


The students will be visited by a ranger or volunteer in period costume of an artisan. The artisan or artisan will do a demonstration of their particular trade (blacksmith, stone cutter, log hewer, rope maker, spinner/weaver, or soldier).


Materials include all of the tools and paraphernalia required to perform each task.







The students will be handed a worksheet with various pictures of tools and equipment. They will be required to match the tools with the artisan. The artisans represented will be: blacksmith, stone-cutter, log-hewer, rope-maker, spinner/weaver, and soldier, the students will be asked to put the correct tools with the correct worker.