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Kids walking on the trail 2013
Kids walking on the trail
Photo courtesy: Nancy Erger

National Park Service's Call to Action 17: Go Digital! "Reach new audiences and maintain a conversation with all Americans by transforming the NPS digital experience to offer rich, interactive, up-to-date content from every park and program."

Go Digital with Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail! Let your fingers do the walking and connect to the only "living" National Historic Trail in Hawaii. Find out how life is doing along the 175 miles of trail corridor which connects National Parks, state and county parks, and all the special places in between.

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Did You Know?

Coconut tree

Did you know the coconut tree was an extremely important resource brought to Hawaii by the early Polynesians. It was a source of food and water, used for building homes and rope making, and was also a musical instrument. Cutting down the coconut grove of another was considered an act of war.