Traveling Trunks

Environmental Education is a process aimed at developing a population that is aware of and concerned about the total environment and its associated resource problems, and which has the knowledge, motivation, and skill to work toward solutions to current problems and the prevention of new ones.

Park staff have developed a Mammal Traveling Trunk. Area schools can check out these trunks for up to a week (subject to approval by the park), or better yet, request a ranger program at your school. Theme of the Mammals Trunk is 'Mammals of the Texas Panhandle' and the visiting ranger will bring pelts, skulls and other interpretive tools to teach children about local animals.

Park staff will also travel off-site to present other programs such as flint formation and flint uses by American Indians.

Your school must be within 100 miles of Fritch, TX. Trunks have lesson plans, activities, and various props. They include environmental education in the curriculum. Please contact Park Headquarters for information regarding these trunks: (806) 857-3151, M - F 8:00 to 4:30, or e-mail us.


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