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    Aleutian World War II

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Howard Rummel

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Howard Rummel

Courtesy of Howard Erwin Rummel, Y2c, US Naval Air Station 163, Attu, Sept 1944-Jan 1946

Howard Rummel prefers to be known as Howard Erwin Rummel to distinguish himself from the famous German Field Marshal commonly referred to as the “Desert Fox” whose name was Erwin Rommel. He served on NAS Attu from September 1944 through January 1946. Learn more about his tour on Attu through photos below.

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Did You Know?

A PBY plane surrounded by crew

A PBY plane piloted by Lt. Jean Cusick was sent from Dutch Harbor, on June 3, 1942, to locate Japanese forces in the Pacific. He was shot down by enemy fighters en route. Five men out of the seven-man crew survived the crash and got into life rafts. Cusick and his enlisted pilot died on the rafts from their wounds. The other three were captured by the Japanese, and became the first prisoners of war in the Aleutian Campaign.