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    Aleutian World War II

    National Historic Area Alaska

Edward Novak

The day after his 21st birthday Edward Novak was in the Army and on his way to war. During his service he would be wounded by a Japanese grenade on Attu and recover in a Hawaiian hospital only to be discharged, return to fight on at Kwajalein and suffer another career ending wound. He witnessed the horrors of war and was fortunate to have survived to return home. Learn more about Edward’s battle experiences, Allied tactics and other wartime experiences in the interview below. The interview with Mr. Novak was completed as part of a friend’s school project and graciously donated by his family.
composite photo - historic photo of Edward Novak next to a palm tree, in uniform; and modern photo of Edward next to a monument bearing the names of campaigns, including Attu
At left: Edward Novak in Hawaii following release from the hospital.  At right: Edward W. Novak, 2006 at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC
Courtesy of Sue Sundbeck. From the collection of Edward W. Novak.

Did You Know?

Image of floor tiles with acronym ALSEC

At Dutch Harbor, some Marines enjoyed the Bachelor Officers Quarters (BOQ) of the Naval Operating Base. The BOQ was the officers' club, holding a long bar, nice lounge area and fire place. In the center of the floor laid a terrazzo symbol of the Alaskan Sector Command (ALSEC). This terrazzo symbol was designed by Armand Rizan, and was laid in 1943. Today, it is located at the Museum of the Aleutians.