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    Aleutian World War II

    National Historic Area Alaska

Nicholai Galaktionoff

As part of the "Beginning of Memory Project," Ray Hudson conducted interviews with Aleuts who were forced to evacuate from their homes during World War II. Many of the evacuees from the Aleutians faced years away from their childhood homes, sometimes in deplorable camps. Many communities - the "Lost Villages" - were never resettled.

Nicholai Galaktionoff was born in Makushin in 1925 and following the death of his father and two other men in the village in 1937 he moved to Unalaska with his mother and grandmother. Following the war, he married Irene Ermeloff of Biorka and was closely associated with resettlement of that village.

Download a full transcript of Nicholai's interview.

Did You Know?

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At Dutch Harbor, some Marines enjoyed the Bachelor Officers Quarters (BOQ) of the Naval Operating Base. The BOQ was the officers' club, holding a long bar, nice lounge area and fire place. In the center of the floor laid a terrazzo symbol of the Alaskan Sector Command (ALSEC). This terrazzo symbol was designed by Armand Rizan, and was laid in 1943. Today, it is located at the Museum of the Aleutians.