Lucien Desjardins

Lucien Desjardins grew up in Canada and joined the Royal Canadian Corp of Signals where he served as a communications officer during World War II. His job was to lay down wire for the army phones between camps. He spent time on Adak, Great Sitkin Island and Kiska in the Aleutians.

His personal story of war in the Aleutians - and the "Battle for Kiska" -- is from the perspective of a French-Canadian ally serving alongside American servicemen. Son histoire est disponible en français aussi.
composite photo of a man, in youth and old age

Young Lucien, at left, and in his later years. M. Desjardins passed away in January, 2013.

Photo courtesy of Jacques, Louise and Michel Desjardins, from the collection of Lucien Desjardins.


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