• Visitor during the evening tour of Alcatraz gaze into the many cells that line up the corridor known as

    Alcatraz Island


Indigenous Peoples Day Overnight Program

Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz

Because of the historic connection of Native Americans to the two annual Indigenous People's Sunrise Ceremonies, two overnights are available to Native American youth the night before the ceremonies which take place on Columbus Day and Thanksgiving. To apply email us at goga_alcatraz@nps.gov with the following details:

  • Affiliation of group
  • Preferred night
  • Number of youth (under 21) and adults (must have at least 1 adult per 7 youth)
  • Contact information

If more than two groups apply for the overnights, we will select groups at random. Groups that participate one year, may not be selected again the following year.

Did You Know?