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Call for Authors:
Mineral and Energy Development in Sensitive Alaska Environments

We are currently seeking authors for about 20 semi-technical (plain language) articles focused on protecting and restoring natural, cultural, subsistence, and wildland resources, while developing mineral and energy resources in, around, and relevant to Alaska for the December 2014 issue. Articles may include the following general subjects, among others:

  • Alaska mineral, oil & gas, and alternative energy resource potential and development scenarios
  • Unique challenges and approaches in Alaska (e.g., accessing remote sites, ice and thaw, coastal erosion, etc.)
  • Prevention and mitigation of impacts (e.g., hazards, cleanup, permafrost, wildlife migration, etc.)
  • Reclamation, restoration, and post-production monitoring
  • Histories of significant mineral development projects in Alaska
  • ANILCA, Alaska Mineral Resource Assessment Program

Submit articles to and follow the Alaska Park Science author guidelines.

About Alaska Park Science

Alaska Park Science is a semi-annual journal that shares what we are learning in Alaska's national parks through the study of their vital cultural and natural resources. Some of the best places in the country have been chosen as parks. These places are landscapes and historic shrines in which we feel wonder, reverence, respect - and responsibility. We are immmensely proud that such places exist and that we are successfully preserving this natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

Sharing these ideas and what we have learned in our resource studies is essential. The National Park Service strives to connect education with research and science, for education can serve as the bridge between knowledge and responsibility to manage them.

As part of our "contract with the future," Alaska Park Science can connect the public with their national parks and the natural and cultural resources found there. Alaska's national parks serve to teach, inform, inspire and motivate people. In the end, we hope the national parks will inspire and encourage people to make a difference.

Last Updated: January 24, 2014