Success Stories from Alaska

The Call to Action sets many goals for the National Park Service. Some apply across all 398 parks in the system, while others are specific actions for certain locations. In Alaska, we're working on many of the goals and have made several accomplishments. These Success Stories highlight several of the goals and the creativity that the goals have encouraged. We'll be adding more items throughout 2013, so check back often.

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  • Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

    Glacier Bay Visits Texas...and 20 other states!

    Ranger Emma shares Glacier Bay with Texas...and 20 other states

    Glacier Bay National Park takes Alaska "on the road" with our engaging distance learning classes. Read more

  • Denali National Park & Preserve

    From the Top of North America to Your Classroom

    children reacting with excitement

    In December 2012, Denali education rangers teleported themselves via Skype into 3rd through 6th grade classrooms across the United States to present fun, standards-based science lessons on sled dog adaptations and the geology of Mt. McKinley. Over three weeks the two rangers Skyped with almost 1,000 students in 13 states. Based on this success, Denali plans to offer distance learning programs from November through January on an annual basis. Read more

  • Denali National Park & Preserve

    Denali Music Festival 2012

    The Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival String Orchestra performs.

    Denali celebrates the first ever Denali Music Festival in partnership with the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival and the Denali Arts and Humanities Alliance. Read more

  • Denali National Park & Preserve

    Sonic Portraits: Winter Soundscapes of Denali

    Listening to the

    Composer Erik DeLuca works with students from the Denali- Nenana Borough School District to interpret the winter soundscape of Denali. Read more

  • Noatak National Preserve

    Keeping the Arctic Backcountry Pristine Takes Some Work

    helicopter sits next to discarded, 1970s-era fuel pod

    12,000 pounds of high-grade aluminum recycled by sling-loading abandoned fuel pods, discarded by jets in the 1970s, out of the backcountry of the Western Arctic National Parklands (Kobuk Valley National Park, Cape Krusenstern National Monument and Noatak National Preserve). Read more

  • Cape Krusenstern National Monument

    Learning to Camp - Alongside the Arctic Ocean

    Image of four girls hiking across

    Kids learn about wilderness ethics, backpacking and the National Park Service during a two-day hiking and camping trip in the Western Arctic. Read more

  • Kobuk Valley National Park

    New Videos Offer Window to the Western Arctic

    Image of volunteer videographer

    New short films bring the remote Western Arctic parks of Kobuk Valley, Cape Krusenstern and Noatak to youth, prospective visitors. Read more

  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

    Alaska teens retrace the steps of the Klondike Gold Rush and Become Future Stewards

    Group of hikers wtih scenic background

    Klondike Gold Rush NHP partnered with the local community center to host a group of teens on the historic Chilkoot Trail. Teens backpacked the internationl trail in 6 days, and learned about the natural and cultural history of the place they call home. The teens also helped improve the trail by working with the NPS trail crew to fix a part that was washed out. Read more

  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

    Alaska teens retrace the steps of Klondike Gold Rush Stampeders

    Group of Hikers

    Klondike Gold Rush NHP partners with Skagway Recreation Center to host a group of teen hikers on the Historic Chilkoot Trail. The teen learned about the natural and cultural history of the trail and became trail stewards. The youth worked with the NPS trail crew to improve a section of trail that was washed out. Read more

  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

    Klondike Gold Rush Junior Rangers: Gearing up to Go Digital

    Volunteer and child look at iBook on tablet computer

    Klondike Gold Rush NHP has gone Digital and Green! The park has developed a new iBook version of its Junior Ranger Books that directly relate to the exhibits at the park's new Junior Ranger Activity Center. Read more

  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

    Caring for Family Heirlooms

    Group of people inspecting historic item

    Klondike Gold Rush NHP hosted a series of Heirloom workshops and artifact identification sessions in order to engage the community in their own history. Locals brought in their historical items and learned to care for them. This lesson in prservation helped engage the community in the mission of the park and its goals to preserve the history of Skagway, AK. Read more

  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

    Chilkoot Trail Hikers Write Postcards to Themselves to Record Their Journey Over the

    Photo of Chilkoot Trail Hikers and painting of hikers on the Chilkoot Trail

    The is a live journal created by Chilkoot Trail Artist in Residence Corrie Francis Parks. The website features her images, postcards created by hikers, vidoes, and animations that were created during her two week journey over the trail. This will allow everyone, those that have hiked the trail, those that plan to, and even those who just dream to a chance to experience the Chilkoot Trail. Read more

  • Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

    Local Inupiaq youth can't wait to wear a flat hat!

    a young man stands on volcanic rocks with a beautiful sky in the background

    A local youth shares his newly acquired knowledge of Bering Land Bridge National Preserve with his community and park visitors. Read more

  • Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

    Glacier Bay: Coming To A Classroom Near YOU!

    Students in Virginia enjoy a virtual visit to Glacier Bay, Alaska

    Glacier Bay is connecting to youth from around the world using teleconferencing equipment. Read more

  • Wrangell - St Elias National Park & Preserve

    Youth Crews Team Up to Build New Amphitheater

    SCA and YCC Crews

    SCA and YCC youth crews teamed together to build a new amphitheater and trail near the Copper Center Visitor Center. This project merged local high school youth with other youth from the lower 48 to develop trail building skills. Visitors to the park will now have an opportunity to enjoy Ranger presentations in a great setting overlooking the park. Read more

  • Sitka National Historical Park

    Put on Your Running Shoes: Park Prescriptions Program Debuts

    Park Prescriptions Rx Pad

    Sitka National Historical Park partnered this year with Sitka Public Health, Sitka Community Hospital and Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium to implement a Park Prescriptions program for the community of Sitka. The program is designed to help healthcare providers prescribe outdoor activity to their patients in order to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our local community. Read more

  • Sitka National Historical Park

    Traditions Renewed in Alaska's Oldest National Park

    Students weave spruce root baskets in the park's regalia studio.

    In keeping with the Arts Afire Call to Action Initiative (#10), the Student Art Apprentice pilot program at Sitka National Historical Park showcases the meaning of Alaska’s oldest park to new audiences through a rich tradition of visual arts. Four local high school students apprenticed with local Native artists to learn and demonstrate traditional and contemporary metal working, cedar basket weaving and wood carving. Read more

  • Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

    Nature’s Peace for our Wounded Soldiers

    K. Schubeck, a volunteer at the remote Proenneke Historic Site for 13 years, gives a tour for wounded veterans and their spouses.

    Samaritan Lodge Alaska, a program of Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian relief organization is seeking to offer healing experiences for wounded veterans and their spouses in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. The Park is working with the lodge to offer increased interpretive programming, access for soldiers and their spouses at park field research sites, as well as working to facilitate access to park resources. Read more

  • Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

    Alaskan Youth Unite for Trail Work and Cultural Exchange

    SCA Trail Crew celebrates their work on the trail from the historic cabin.

    Lake Clark National Park and Preserve and the Student Conservation Association developed a strategic recruitment program to recruit youth from both the state’s urban centers and villages local to the park in order to offer trail crew members a richer cultural exchange and broader work experience. Read more

  • Denali National Park & Preserve

    In a Time of Change: The Art of Fire

    image of

    Nine Alaskan artists unveiled works of art inspired by wildfire, fire management, and fire science at “In a Time of Change: The Art of Fire” exhibit that opened at the Bear Gallery, Alaska Centennial Center For the Arts, Fairbanks, Alaska August 3, 2012. The exhibit will display during gallery hours, noon-8 p.m. daily through Sept. 3. Read more

Last Updated: August 14, 2013