Leadership Letter

An image of the Alaska Leadership council, taken in 2012 at Denali National Park and Preserve
Sue Masica meets with members of the community in Palmer, 2012. (NPS Photo - Kathleen Kavalok)

Leadership Letter

With the Call to Action’s development in 2011, the Alaska Region began to look at how we might take the themes represented across the document and put them to work in Alaska in ways that make sense in this unique place.

The NPS-Alaska Region leadership team began a series of community meetings in Spring 2012 organized around those key elements - connecting people and parks, advancing our education mission, and preserving America’s special places.

We have held meetings in Fairbanks, Palmer, Juneau and Anchorage and smaller gatherings associated with non-NPS events, such as the Alaska Forum on the Environment. In these meetings we talked about how the Park Service might change its practices going forward. Some suggestions we’re already moving to implement; others would require significant changes in federal law. In the Summary and Feedback section, you’ll find links to many of the suggestions we heard, as well as the NPS response where it adds value to the discussion.

I encourage you to continue the conversation with us by email, or by attending one of the future face-to-face gatherings. And, of course, we invite you to visit one of your national parks and learn about the work we do. You can start your exploration here (www.nps.gov/alaska)

Sue Masica
NPS-Alaska Regional Director


Last Updated: August 14, 2013