Commercial Use Authorizations

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Bears - Katmai National Park & Preserve (NPS Photo)

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A Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) authorizes suitable commercial services to park area visitors in limited circumstances. The term of a CUA may not exceed 2 years and no preferential right of renewal or similar provisions for renewal may be provided.

Through the use of approximately 300 commercial use authorizations, the National Park Service, Alaska Region provides commercial visitor services that are appropriate for public use and enjoyment.

Application Forms and Instructions for Commercial Use Authorization

To apply for a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA), carefully read the instructions, park-specific stipulations, and complete the application. CUAs may be issued for up to (2) two years.


Park-Specific Operating Stipulations

The NPS has developed standard conditions and park-specific stipulations by which CUA Holders must adhere to while operating under the CUA. It is very important that applicants read and understand these stipulations/conditions and park compendiums prior to applying for the CUA.

Standard Conditions (Applies to All CUAs) Kenai Fjords NP (Snowcoach Tours)
Alagnak Wild River Klondike Gold Rush NHP
Aniakchak NM&Pr Kobuk Valley NP
Bering Land Bridge NPr Lake Clark National NP&Pr
Cape Krusenstern NPr Noatak National Preserve
Gates of the Arctic NP&Pr Sitka National Historical Park
Katmai NP&P Wrangell-St. Elias NP&Pr
Kenai Fjords NP (General) Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve

Activity-Specific Operating Stipulations (Denali & Glacier Bay)

Denali National Park & Preserve

Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

Common to All Denali CUA Activities Stipulations Common to All Glacier Bay CUAs
Backside Lake Air Taxi
Air Taxis Alsek River Rafting
Camping (Groups at Savage) Backcountry Use
Day Hiking (Backcountry) Charter Vessel
Day Hiking (Frontcountry) Ferry Service (Passengers)
Overnight Hiking Kayak Trips
Mountaineering (Application Requirements below) Mountaineering
Winter Activities Sportfishing
Mountaineering (Supplemental Application) Vehicle Tours
Road-Based Winter Vehicle Tours (New as of 2014) Winter Activities

MAPS (click on link to view/print maps)

Denali National Park & Preserve
Katmai, Alagnak, Aniakchak, Brooks Camp
Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park
Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

Activity Summary Reports (electronic version preferred)

Activity Report Forms (Required regardless of whether CUA was used).
As a condition of the CUA, each holder is required to submit an activity summary report and gross receipt report form by November 15th of each year. These reports should be submitted regardless of whether the holder used the authorization. Reports are to be received by November 15th of each year unless specified otherwise in the park-specific stipulations below. This includes the Gross Receipt Report form below.

Licensed Big Game Transport Reporting Requirements:
All Licensed Big Game Transporters (activity/service code “HT”) must submit a copy of their State of Alaska's Big Game Transporter Activity Report (Form #08-4349) to National Park Service, Concessions Division, 240 West 5th Avenue #114, Anchorage, AK 99501 by February 1st of each year for the preceding calendar year. The Report can also be faxed to 907-644-3813 or 644-3814 but must be received by February 1st. Failure to submit a copy
of the form to the NPS may result in suspension of the authorization.

Print only (non-fillable)Versions
Electronic (fillable, online) Versions
Air Taxi Report & Incidental Hunt Transport Air Taxi Report & Incidental Hunt Transport
Hunt Transport - Incidental Use Report Hunt Transport - Incidental Use Report
Guiding Activity Report
(On Foot, Boating, Vehicle Tours/Shuttle)
Guiding Activity Report
(On Foot, Boating, Vehicle Tours/Shuttle)
Exit Glacier & Harding Icefield Exit Glacier & Harding Icefield
Glacier Bay Charter Boat Activity & Sportfishing Glacier Bay Charter Boat Activity & Sportfishing
Glacier Bay Air Taxi Glacier Bay Air Taxi
Glacier Bay Ferry Service Glacier Bay Ferry Service
Alsek-Tatshenshini River Activity Report Alsek-Tatshenshini River Activity Report
Klondike Gold Rush N.H.P.

1. Klondike Gold Rush (Horse Tours)
2. Klondike Gold Rush (All other Activities)

  Brooks Camp Activity Report
  Katmai / Alagnak Activity Report
  Lake Clark Activity Report


Gross Receipt (Annual Survey) Report Forms

Gross Receipt Report (Electronic Version - Complete Online)
Gross Receipts Report (Print & Fill Version)

Doing Business With the Parks (CUA Related Info)

In addition to the Park-Specific Stipulations each park unit provides a website with additional park-specific CUA information, including park compendiums.

  • Alagnak Wild River
  • Aniakchak NM&Pr
  • Bering Land Bridge NP
  • Cape Krusenstern NPr
  • Denali NP&Pr
  • Gates of the Arctic NP&Pr
  • Glacier Bay NP&Pr
  • Katmai NP&Pr
  • Kenai Fjords NP
  • Klondike Gold Rush NHP
  • Kobuk Valley NP
  • Lake Clark NP&Pr
  • Noatak NPr
  • Sitka NHP
  • Wrangell-St. Elias NP&Pr
  • Yukon Charley Rivers NPr
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