National Register Program

Russian Bishops House National Historic Landmark, Sitka
Russian Bishops House National Historic Landmark, Sitka

Words of Wisdom

"It's critical. We strain to listen to the ghosts and echoes of our inexpressibly wise past, and we have an obligation to maintain these places, to provide these sanctuaries, so that people may be in the presence of forces larger than those of the moment."
– Ken Burns

The Cultural Resources Team's other work, in support of historic preservation beyond park boundaries, is driven by the mandates of the Historic Sites Act of 1935 and the provisions of Section 1318 of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980 (ANILCA). This external assistance is carried out under the organizational umbrella of the National Register Programs of the National Park Service and in this role we serve as the staff of the Secretary of Interior, the nation's highest preservation official.

The Historic Architecture Program manages the region's historic structures inventory or the List of Classified Structures (LCS) that includes over 590 historic and prehistoric NPS owned structures, buildings, roads, and objects. The inventory-part of the service-wide LCS website-contains detailed information on the historic significance, condition, and management recommendations for each listed structure and serves as a management tool for park cultural resource managers and maintenance personnel.

National Historic Landmarks are designated by the Secretary of the Interior, with the express approval of the affected land owners, upon the recommendation of the National Park Service. There are nearly 2500 National Historic Landmarks in the United States today. Alaska currently has 49 landmarks; ranging from the Holy Assumption Russian Orthodox Church in Kenai to Ipiutak in Point Hope; the ancient village of the mysterious Eskimo people who are popularly known as the “Magicians of Ipiutak.” Local communities and private owners of National Historic Landmarks are offered many incentives, from monetary grants to tax reductions, to encourage them to serve as good stewards of the nationally significant properties under their control.

Last Updated: December 13, 2011