Alaska National Parks Social Media Team

Meet the Team

Have you ever wondered who's behind the initials in parenthesis after each and every post we share? Meet our social media team and the people who bring Alaska National Parks to you.

john quinley


John Quinley has been with the National Park Service since 1988, all in the regional office public affairs post in Anchorage, Alaska. That may suggest a certain inability to move up in the organization, but in fact John loves Alaska and working with all of its NPS areas. A former newspaper journalist (sadly, a job description that would fill a large sports arena these days), he spends many of his hours writing about national parks, talking with journalists, analyzing legislation, and working with the tourism industry. Outside the office, you'll find him on trails in Anchorage with skis or a bike or a dog, or -- far too infrequently -- heading off for a national park visit.

judy kesler


Judy Kesler, an anthropologist turned web manager, joined the Park Service nearly 15 years ago. Judy‘s work supports the parks in Alaska so they may bring our stories to you. Her goal is move the NPS closer to the idea that your experiences on our websites are second only to actually being there in person.When Judy is not exploring the National Parks in this country, she is riding her motorcycle, hiking, cycling, or anything that lends itself to the adventure outdoors. She enjoys learning a new hobby every year (this year it‘s photography) and is slowly working towards the goal of visiting every park service unit in the country. She is not quite half way there…

morgan warthin


Flying towards Gates of the Arctic NP a few summers ago, Morgan Warthin looked for a tiny blob of orange (a wildfire) amidst an unimaginably wide green and brown landscape. She wanted to share with local residents and park employees information about the wildfire however while searching she realized that she had no idea, not a clue, which way was north or south. The Alaskan landscape is so big and daunting it can fool with you, make you gulp, and beguile you into describing it. Morgan uses social media to paint an up close or high in the sky picture of Alaska national parks for those who love these places. Via social media she listens to and chats with others about all things Alaska. Coupled with being a member of the sassy social media team, she also is the Regional Wildland Fire Communication and Education Specialist.

tonyua abrom


Tonyua Abrom has lived in Alaska since 1964. Having survived the "Big '64 Earthquake", she describes making the most of life's experiences. "...There's always something to be learned from all experiences, both the good and the bad..." Tonyua began working for the DOI by way of the Alaska BLM, first as a staff assistant and then as their student intern program manager. Tonyua moved to the Alaska NPS as the regional EEO & diversity program manager. With 50+ years of Alaskan winters, it's no surprise to find out her hobby is exploring warm, sunny beach destinations. However, she says it still takes her breath away when visiting Alaska's beautiful mountain landscapes and "...the blue green water of the Kenai River still makes me speechless..." Working for the NPS, she's discovered a lot of great places to visit right here in the US. Her new hobby is to visit parks that help her learn more about her cultural history and heritage.

Darrell Lewis


Darrell Lewis has lived in Alaska since 1978 and been with the National Park Service since 2001. As a Historian with the Cultural Resources Team Darrell coordinates Alaska's National History Day program and, as a member of the National Register Team, provides historic preservation technical assistance to the state's National Historic Landmark owners. A long term project has been providing support to an Anchorage friends group spearheading the restoration of Nike Site Summit, the Cold War era Nike Hercules missile site, east of Anchorage. His work on this project earned him the title of "Outdoor Historian" from a local media organization. Outside the office Darrell enjoys fishing and camping, snorkeling in tropical locations, travelling, brewing beer and wine, and cooking with his wife.

John Morris


John Morris is a long-time Alaskan and has worked as an interpretive ranger and manager for the past 30 years with the National Park Service, BLM, and the Alaska Division of Parks. John was one of the first park rangers hired to work in Alaska's ANILCA parks in 1981 and has been stationed in several Alaskan parks over the years. He is currently working in the Alaska Regional Office in Anchorage, where he is engaged with helping the parks develop interpretive media and manage their training and visitor services needs. One of his favorite duties over the years has been working in partnership with NASA and many other agency and university scientists to develop interpretive products that address climate change in national parks and protected areas. "Alaska" is his favorite park!

Last UpdatedFebruary 12, 2014