December 18, 2014 Bering Strait Messenger Network

Bering Strait Messenger Network Teleconference

>Please join the discussion on Friday, December 19 at 2:30 pm Alaskan time

November 26, 2014 Indigenous Language Learning & Documentation

Indigenous Language Learning & Documentation Project

St. Lawrence Island Yupik & Inupiaq Language and Culture Video Lessons available

November 5, 2014 The Ice Bridge: Stories from Beringia

Profiles of people

Who live and work on both sides of the Bering Stait

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Meet one of our cooperators, Joel Berger, John J. Craighead Chair and Professor of Wildlife Conservation at the University of Montana. We are very fortunate to work with this world renowned scientist! Berger is a lead researcher on one of the Beringia Program's projects "Trans-Beringia Muskoxen — Creation of Ecological Baselines in an Era of Arctic Warming," part of which was carried out on Wrangel Island. Learn more about Berger and his work by viewing this video.

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New Insights on Beringian Plant Distribution Patterns

Plant in the rocksNovember, 2014

The history and geography of the arctic flora in Beringia has been complex—influenced by glacial retreats during the Quaternary, exchange via the Bering Land Bridge, in situ survival in refugia, and differing climatic regimes. Much of the details of these diversifications in Beringia are still lacking and to begin to address this issue we provide results from stochastic character mapping reconstruction to recover historical signals from occurrence data at the Herbarium, University of Alaska Fairbanks. A taxon matrix of 13 selected ecoregions in Beringia and 1549 extant vascular plant species was constructed and analyzed with RAxML and Mesquite software. The flora of Western Beringia appears younger than that of Eastern Beringia, with the ecoregions in Western Beringia derived from within those of Eastern Beringia. The Seward Peninsula ecoregion shares the most taxa with the ecoregions from Chukotka that form a clade. The Seward Peninsula is also the richest ecoregion, with 777 taxa recorded, a sharp contrast to the impoverished Bering Sea Islands ecoregions, where only 276 taxa are recorded. Overall, when examining stochastic mapping reconstructions, current species distributions in Beringia have been independently shaped by dispersal, extinction, and in some cases vicariance events due to ecological or physical barriers (e.g., Bering Strait). Mid-July temperature and precipitation differ across Beringia and at same latitudes, presenting a driver or "climatic barrier" for the overall ecosystem setup. Our study shows that distributional museum data can be informative in generating testable hypotheses on the history and evolution of the flora in an area such as Beringia. MORE...

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The Shared Beringian Heritage Program recognizes and celebrates the natural resources and cultural heritage shared by Russia and the United States on both sides of the Bering Strait. The program works to improve local, national, and international understanding of these resources and sustain the cultural vitality of Native peoples in the region. If you want to learn more about the program click here.

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  • Upcoming Bering Strait Messenger Network Teleconfrence December 18, 2014
    The next Bering Strait Messenger Network Teleconference will be held Friday, December 19 at 2:30 pm Alaskan time. The teleconference topic is Cultural Holiday Exchange and call-in information cam be obtained here. »
  • New publications November 26, 2014
    The Beringia Program has a number of new publications available:

    1. Arrows and Atl Atls: A Guide to the Archeology of Beringia by James Dixon;
    2. Edible Plants Used by Siberian Yupik Eskimos of Southeastern Chukchi Peninsula Russia by Lyudmila Ainana and Igor Zagrebin;
    3. Listen and Learn: Inupiaq and St. Lawrence Island Yupik Language and Culture Video Lessons by Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center.
    4. All of these publications are free and can be ordered by calling (907)644-3602 or e-mailing to »

    5. 2015 Project Proposals Review and Selection November 10, 2014
      The Beringia Panel annual meeting and proposal review was held in Anchorage November 10, 2014. The results of the project selection will be announced on this site shortly. To learn more about the selection process follow this link. »


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