Eating & Sleeping

Filling a bottle at water bottle filling station.

This visitor fills a water bottle at the monument's bottle-filling station in the visitor center lobby. The filling station helps park staff and visitors reduce plastic bottle consumption and waste.

Although located in a remote area, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument does not allow camping within park boundaries.

The nearest primitive and RV camping places to the south of Agate Fossil Beds are in Scottsbluff, Gering, and Mitchell. Mitchell, the closest of these communities, is 34 miles south of the monument.

The nearest primitive camping to the north is at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission's Gilbert Baker Wildlife Management Area five miles north of Harrison. RV camping is available at the Harrison city park, where there are 2 "donation" hookups. Primitive and RV camping can also be found at Fort Robinson State Park, which is on Highway 20 about 20 miles east of Harrison.

Agate Fossil Beds has a coin-operated soda machine in the visitor center and museum lobby. It offers a variety of canned and bottled sodas and juices. Water is not sold, but is available at water fountain and bottle-filling station also located in the lobby.

The gas station closest to the monument is 25 miles to the north, in Harrison. Harrison's filling station is open weekdays during normal business hours and Saturdays during the morning hours. Gas stations to the north that are open seven days per week can be found in Crawford, Nebraska, which is 25 miles east of Harrison, and in Lusk, Wyoming, which is 31 miles west of Harrison.

The nearest gas station to the south of the monument is 34 miles away, in the town of Mitchell.
Lodging to the north of the monument, including hotels and motels, can be found in the Nebraska towns of Harrison and Crawford (25 and 50 miles away, respectively) as well as in Lusk, Wyoming (52 miles away).

To the south
of the monument, an array of lodging options, including both hotels and motels, are available in Scottsbluff and Gering (44 and 48 miles away, respectively).
Picnic Area
Agate Fossil Beds National Monument has one large, five-table and three small, one-table picnic shelters located on the east side of the visitor center and museum. Two outdoor drinking fountains are located in the picnic area.
No food is sold in the park. Food service closest to the monument can be found at a bar and a hotel in Harrison, the community 25 miles to the north on Highway 29.

To the south
of the monument, a wide variety of restaurants and other eateries can be found in Mitchell, Scottsbluff, and Gering (34, 44, and 48 miles away, respectively).

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