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2011 Raptor Intern Delora Hilleary scans the Precipice for peregrine falcons

NPS/Nanette Melero

June 2012 Since 1991, a peregrine falcon pair has successfully nested (raising 1-4 chicks) at the Precipice and a few additional sites across Acadia National Park almost every year. The first 19 years of nesting in Acadia followed a textbook standard of mating, nesting, hatching, and fledging behaviors that were observed in several different pairs. However, the last couple of years have produced new chapters that include changing behaviors and uncertain outcomes. Unfortunately, last year all pairs that attempted to nest on Mount Desert Island failed to produce young, and this year the pairs at the Precipice and Valley Cove have not produced any chicks. Fortunately, however, park staff are excited that this year a pair of falcons at Beech Cliff, near Echo Lake, has three chicks that can be seen from Echo Lake Beach. Consequently, the Peregrine Watch has moved to Echo Lake Beach. You can track Acadia's peregrine falcon adventures by reading the weekly update, "View from the Aerie." Ranger staff and volunteers are at the site daily, weather permitting, nine to noon, starting mid-May. Using viewing scopes to check out activity on the cliff, learn about field-identifying marks and behavior, and hear about how you can promote the conservation of peregrine falcons. Join us to experience the excitement and wonder of the world's fastest bird!

During the peregrine falcon nesting season each summer (from early June through mid-August in most years), Acadia's Raptor Intern writes a weekly Peregrine Watch update called View from the Aerie. The updates written by the 2012 Raptor Intern, Mattew Wyatt, about his observations of the park's peregrine falcons are available at the link below.

In 2012, nesting success continues in Acadia. The Peregrine Watch will happen every day, weather permitting, from 9 a.m. until noon. Click here to learn more about what is happening this spring with Acadia's peregrine falcons, review the events of previous years on the archived pages below, and follow Matthew's upcoming Hawk Watch Update reports from mid-August through mid-October.

2012 Peregrine Watch Update


View From the Aerie Archives To learn more about the history of falcon nesting at the Precipice, please browse the following archived View From the Aerie updates from past years, written weekly during their internship by each year's Raptor Intern (listed below).

2011-Delora Hilleary 2010-Renee Duncan 2009-Jenna Dodge

2008-Sarah Kebler 2007-Sarah Stio 2006-Lindsey Fenderson 2005-Todd Larsen

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